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7th-Jan-2014 09:21 pm - Out of curiosity
Anyone still use this site?
27th-Mar-2013 12:49 pm - To my wife:
Happy anniversary.
22nd-Jul-2011 08:23 am - Google Plus
Are there any of you who want a Google+ invite, but do not yet have one?
17th-Jun-2011 07:29 pm - le sigh
Condo keeps dropping precipitously in value. About $30,000 in the past week according to Zillow.

Fucking economy.

Anyone want to rent a condo in Norwood?
16th-Jun-2011 12:52 am - art - "Papercuts"
These are beautiful.
21st-May-2011 01:04 pm - Do they make un-movers?
I wish I could hire someone to come to my place, listen as I point out which items I actually give a crap about, and then go through everything else and either recycle it, sell it, or donate it. Tossing all this stuff in the trash seems criminal. Even if it is just junk!
5th-May-2011 04:45 pm - Chloe is the happy
Word has come back from my brother that Chloe took a couple days to adjust, but is settling in nicely at her new home.

Now if only I could find someone who wanted my tv...
30th-Apr-2011 09:25 pm - More things to unload
Holy carp I have a lot of comic books that start with the letter X.
29th-Apr-2011 09:24 am - Cat and stuff
Chloe needs a home. My brother had offered to take her, and I brought her out to Ashby last weekend, but his wife is apparently not happy about it (she likes dogs, and not cats). So I'm back to trying to find her a home.

I turn to you again, LJ. Anybody know somebody who would like a cat? She's a lap-cat, a tortoise-shell long furred little beasty, and she loves chasing things (string in particular, birds when possible), and long walks on the beach.
27th-Apr-2011 10:26 pm - Real Estate
Things that weren't really discussed when I bought this place 7 years ago...

yeah, so I am not sure I can sell it. I bought it for $155k, and I currently owe $113k, and I am honestly worried if I can even get that.

Anyone know someone who wants to rent a condo in Norwood?
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